Hockey is our Passion; Community is our purpose


Located in the Central Valley of California, 3P1C Hockey is passionate about the expansion of the game in our region as well as all throughout the world. We obsessively love the sport of hockey and are dedicated to making the highest quality products available to the market.

Core Values

Respect and integrity are the heartbeat of our company. The opinion of the consumer matters and plays a major role in the equipment we produce and the way we retail it. Our design team develops gear for the players, by the players. Community impression is the driving force of our production.

Family, Community, Connection

Our family owned company knows the true success is not determined by the amount of products we sell, but instead by the impactful lifestyle we create. To us, hockey is not merely a game; it is the growth and togetherness of a community. Without the people, the equipment serves no purpose.

Every time a new product is released, a lucky few have the opportunity of purchasing the product at cost during the testing phase. This allows personal feedback of the consumer to establish genuine reviews of the product. Our company thrives on the collective engagement of all.

Social Impact

3P1C Hockey believes in impact not just products. Fair treatment of all customers is non-negotiable. Education of the functionality of our products is essential. And growth of our lifestyle community is paramount.

We are creating a social connection platform in order to engage in each others stories and allow the consumer to get a glimpse behind the veil of our company. The intentional purpose of such is to journey through all the highs and lows together with our amazing, hockey family. Our assurance to all is that the value of sincere connection will never be neglected.

  • Daniel Costa: Owner

    Costa started his professional career at the tender age of 19 when he opened his own hockey rink in Ripon California. He then purchased a small company called Verbero and brought the brand to global heights. The brand was featured in the NHL and had players such as Cam Atkinson and Nick Ritchie wearing its products in game. Costa then sold the brand in 2018 and he began working on 3P1C Athletics, which we know today.

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  • Almar Pascua: Chief Operating Officer

    Pascua has been a high ranking leader in the Logistics industry since 2014. Almar has led operations in large volume, multi client warehouses such as Amazon Fulfillment, Amazon Pantry, Dollar Tree, Staples, Home Depot and Kelly Moore Paints. Pascua brings years of Operational experience and knowledge to 3P1C Athletics in order to oversee operations and offer insight in the execution of the company's long term goals.

    Almar also has an extended tenure of coaching roller and ice hockey club teams ranging from 12U all the way to semi pro level. He is the current coach for the 3P1C Empire womens roller hockey team.

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